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Little Chilean

Hello, I’m Gabby!

I love to write about fascinating things, and creating content that connects people, ideas and experiences.

I like to write about things I find fascinating



Hi, I’m Gabby, a writer, editor and world lover with a Journalism background. I love to help people turn their ideas, experiences and dreams into enjoyable and visually attractive content.

Currently Editor-in-Chief of Life Lovers Magazine and freelance writer working from anywhere in the world.

I spend most of my time enjoying nature, working with people, and enjoying my favourite geeky shows and books.

Let’s make magic together!

I love to learn about something new, so will be delighted to work on any topic you need. My favourite ones are Travel, Career, Music and Mindfulness.

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I’m more than my work

Ever felt like you’re only as good as the job you have? Well, I know I have. And I know it’s not doing anything for my self-esteem, nor is it right in any way. So here’s a story of how not having a traditional job ended up filling me with insecurities, how I dealt with…

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Like many people, since I was little, I always dreamed of one day being able to fly. Well, I did grow up watching a few fictional shows and reading all kinds of fantasy books, so you can see where I get my ideas from.

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