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little chilean journalist writter

I like to write about things I find fascinating

Hi, I’m Gabby, a writer, editor and world lover with a Journalism background.

I love to help people turn their ideas, experiences and dreams into enjoyable and visually attractive content.

Currently Editor-in-Chief of Life Lovers Magazine and freelance writer working from anywhere in the world.

I spend most of my time enjoying nature, working with people, and enjoying my favourite geeky shows and books.

Let’s make magic together!

I love to learn about something new, so will be delighted to work on any topic you need. My favourite ones are Travel, Career, Music and Mindfulness.

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What Disney movies have really taught me about being a woman

Growing up, I, as pretty much every girl around my age, loved watching Disney movies. Films with women as main characters who had a voice, were strong-minded and fearless and had a very stubborn curiosity to see new worlds. It took me years to realise that the Yasmin’s, Megaras and Ariels from our childhood, and…

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I’m more than my work

Ever felt like you’re only as good as the job you have? Well, I know I have. And I know it’s not doing anything for my self-esteem, nor is it right in any way. So here’s a story of how not having a traditional job ended up filling me with insecurities, how I dealt with…

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Like many people, since I was little, I always dreamed of one day being able to fly. Well, I did grow up watching a few fictional shows and reading all kinds of fantasy books, so you can see where I get my ideas from.

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How travelling taught me to love my body

Concerns about our image are, unfortunately, a pandemic that affects all of us. Confidence and self-love are the essences we hope all women get to hold and be proud of sooner rather than later. I want to share some thoughts that helped me, and I believe it will do the same for you.

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Loki and MCU’s Phase 4

If you are one of those that remember exactly where you were when you saw the final fight scene in Avengers Endgame, then you were surely excited to see the new Phase 4 trailer. In it, Marvel announces all the gems that will be part of the next movie set scheduled to begin in July…

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